The Crest

Each Christopher King piece, features his signature crest hardware.

Christopher has a deep respect for artisans and their centuries old craft. With a nod to tradition, Christopher commissioned Neil Bromley, a leading Heraldic artist from England and a craft member of the Society of Heraldic Art to design the iconic logo.

Neil represent a bygone era and is one of the last known medieval artists. He has been commissioned multiple times by the Royal House of Windsor. In 2013, to celebrate Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth’s 60th year as a monarch, He created a royal family tree print detailing the royal line of succession since 1066.

Christopher and Neil worked tirelessly sending sketches and design concepts back and forth before agreeing on the final design featuring intricate heraldic artwork. The crest was taken to a Florentine jeweler whose family has crafted unique pieces for generations and are a trusted jeweler to the Pope and Vatican. Each piece is created in their small factory in Florence in an intricate process ensuring the quality and design integrity.

This iconic hardware is featured on Christopher King’s collection.